A small attempt at explaining my work…

I don't know if my way of working is special or not, because i can only be inside my own head and nobody else's. I have come to realize, however, that whatever I'm working with at any particular time will take me on a journey that has an impact on my life. So that way, every painting is special to me. I guess you can say that every painting changes me a little bit, and that's why i love working with images.

My art education didn’t start until I was 25 I think. It all started with ceramics. One year in ceramics class, and after that a late admission to high school with emphasis on drama, art and music. A year later I discovered photography, because that was when i learned how images can reflect something that's really happening on another plane.

So from there I went on to IFM Westerdals School of Commercial Arts, from where I graduated two years later as a graphic designer. After a year working for and co-owning a design studio, I came to realize that the world of commercial arts didn't actually do it for me.

I was clearly in the wrong place. So I applied to, was accepted at, and attended the National College of Art here in Norway for five years, four of them in the graphic arts department, and one of them in the fine arts department.

And now the world of images is the world I live in. I'm usually not bound by techniques, I use what's available at the moment and what inspires me at any particular time. The important thing for me is to tear the vision out from the dark or in from the light and get it into tangible form.

I’ve had several websites over the years, and usually I’ve been showing as much as possible of my production as a whole. This time I want to do it differently. I want to show my latest project. Now my projects take a really long time, so I’m afraid there won’t exactly be a new update every week.

This project has been in the works for a long time, and I have no idea when it will end.

It’s about stripping the visual tools down to a minimum and work with really simple shapes, like the circle and the square. To me the circle represents the soul, and the square represent the material form the soul has to live in to be able to experience the third dimension.

And with that as a starting point, I experiment with texture and color. And the infusion of life, because that’s the magic in all this. You never know if you can do it, but you’re not done until you do. If I managed? I can only hope. You find this stuff in the «strokes» section.

The other part of this site is showing ink drawings. This is also a project I've been playing around with for a while. I take old inked croquis-sketches and play around with shapes and pattern and have fun with that. In croquis you make those sketches in five minutes you know, so they have the tempo showing, and i like going in there with a completely different tempo and see what happens. They live under the title «lines» so go check them out.

And lastly I have the photography part. In the «shot» section you will find phone pics as well as pics I took with a regular camera all mixed together, I'm a Hipstamatic fangirl and I use it all the time, so the site reflects that, but I also love going out there with my camera, and the site reflects that too.

If you want to purchase a painting, please email me for prices and details. I'm sure we can work something out.

Last but not in any way least i want to give huge thanks to Skitterworks for helping me build this new incarnation of my site.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you had an interesting time.